Friday, September 1, 2017

In preparation for the installation of the new NG-911 equipment and our new servers, it is necessary for TN to have a planned Network Outage the morning of September 1st, 2017 from 0930 until approximately 1300hrs. Our Network Administrator and IT staff will be relocating our CAD servers. While the server cabinet is being moved, the following services will be affected:


  • CADVIEW (runtime information) (ONLINE)
  • CAD & Run card information (ONLINE)
  • Firehouse CAD monitor interface (CAD dump to Firehouse Software) (ONLINE)
  • PublicEye (ONLINE)
  • TN staff email (ONLINE)
  • Primary iamresponding (ONLINE)
  • Primary Active911 (ONLINE)
  • Primary phone messaging (ONLINE)
  • Primary QV alpha paging (ONLINE)


During the outage we are increasing dispatch staff to ensure all calls are processed in a timely manner. Toning of calls will be done manually through our radio console. Alpha paging and phone messaging will be done manually using our back-up services. The format of the alpha paging and phone messages will vary from what you normally see come across your device(s). Run cards and mutual aid will be verified through the back up paper copies we have for each department.


All of the above mentioned services will come off line all at once. After we move the cabinet to its new location and begin to reconnect equipment we anticipate that services will gradually come back on line. We will post to our website  the services mentioned above and what their current status is.


Once the CAD is back online we will manually enter any calls for service that occurred during the outage. This should keep your PSAP run numbers in chronological order. Please ask your staff to be patient as we work through this on Friday. If there any issues that need immediate attention please call me on my cell phone (860-221-5327) so I may prioritize your needs with everything else that will be going on in the center.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Doug Racicot, Operations Director

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